Power Outage At Equinix LD8
Posted by Nick Claxson on 20 August 2020 01:16 PM

We have now receivedĀ a further update on this.

Equinix's overview of the Incident:

At 04:33 on the 18th August 2020 at our LD8 IBX, Equinix facilities technicians responded to a fire alarm. Once deemed safe to do so, the site team started investigations into the source of the alarm, it was noted that it had originated from the building 8/9 main power room. The building fire suppression system was not activated nor required to do so at any point.

Site technicians proceeded to the main power room to investigate the issue and discovered smoke (no fire) within the room. The cause of the smoke was identified as a result of a failure on the main static transfer switch common output cabinet of the Galaxy UPS system. The fault had caused the system to shut down, resulting in a total loss of all customer power supplies supported by busbar risers ISP8 and ISP9 both of which are connected to the same UPS output.

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