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Microsoft report some Office 365 issues
Posted by Phil Reed on 25 January 2023 09:09 AM

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BT and Openreach industrial action
Posted by Nick Claxson on 03 October 2022 11:21 AM
BT and Openreach industrial action 
Regarding the recent announcement of the BT and Openreach strike action that will be taking place on:
  • Thursday 6th October
  • Monday 10th October
  • Thursday 20th October
  • Monday 24th October
It is expected that 40,000 BT Group workers will strike, and it is important to note that unlike the most recent strikes in August, the action in October will include 400 workers employed as 999 emergency call handlers.

BT have said it would "do whatever it takes to protect 999 services" by moving staff to cover emergency calls, and that they are "redeploying our people to the most important priority is as normal of BT operations."
What does this mean for you?
As the previous strikes, BT and Openreach have said that it will endeavour to reduce the impact of the action, by postponing all non-essential engineering works or software updates.

The Comtec team will put in place any possible measures to minimise disruption to our customers and partners. Any appointments that are affected will be rescheduled to after the last day of strike action.

We will continue to monitor the situation by working closely with BT and Openreach. We will communicate any further updates if and when they occur.

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UPS Issue This Morning At Virtus Datacentre
Posted by Nick Claxson on 03 October 2022 07:39 AM

03/10/2022 09:29Outage comments/update:
Virtus have successfully completed switching, the B stream PDU's are now being fed by Mains supply. The UPS Vendor is on-site and currently pulling logs from the faulty UPS. At all times, 'A' feed supplies were maintained. 

03/10/2022 08:23 : Outage comments/update:
Virtus have had an issue with their B supply on power stream 3. This is impacting Data Halls 3 and 5.The UPS system failed to cleanly go over to By-Pass and this has meant the feed B is now down. All services will be supported on the A feed. Currently, Virtus's engineering teams and vendors are looking to restore B feed by undertaking a manual switching exercise to bypass the UPS and provide power on a mains only basis.

03/10/2022 07:25: We have been made aware of an incident that has occurred with a third party datacentre Virtus Datacenter. They acknowledged a UPS incident has occurred which they are investigating with their vendor and a UPS engineer is expected to arrive onsite for 08.00. At the moment they are observing only single powered devices affected which are located within the affected racks. All dual powered devices have been up and stable with no disruption.

For any clients we have situated in this datacentre we will continue to monitor the situation and our service staff will be engaging with our contact points directly. We will continue to publish updates here.

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Schneider Electric is aware of the vulnerabilities associated with APC Smart-UPS uninterruptable power supply devices which, if compromised, may allow for potential unauthorized access and control of the device.

Schneider Electric have now released patched versions of the firmware for these devices to resolve the vulnerability.     Comtec recommend that you download and apply these updates to your UPS devices asap.   If you need any assistance in doing this please contact your account manager and they can provide a quote for doing this work for you.

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Log4j update for Powerchute BE
Posted by Phil Reed on 10 March 2022 10:44 AM
Schneider Electric have issued an updated version of PowerChute Business Edition V10.0.5.   This has been updated with log4j V 2.17.0 which includes a fix for these vulnerabilities and can be downloaded here:
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